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Brian Eldredge, owner and Lead 


We are based in Charleston, South Carolina but are from Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. We are so stoked to see others find their true mate and want to capture your unique love story, wherever that may take place. We TRAVEL & love it! 

Our photography style is all about natural light and golden tones. We love light, you can see this showcased in most of our work. We try our best to NOT pose our clients like a JcPenny shoot; we give you a prompt to help get into a position and then we capture you, naturally. We are not ones to tell you to move your head down, tilt your chin, etc like school photos, we want this to be a comfortable and genuine. Don't worry, you will leave feeling like a natural, a model even!

Also, we have killer Dad jokes on hand and love to make our time together as fun and carefree as possible!


Our experience includes working on film and television sets in Los Angeles and Florida, so you may see a touch of cinematic style in our work. We studied photography, film and the art of editing in college and have been working in this industry for over 15 years now! 

To say that we like what we do is an understatement, we absolutely love it!


We would be lying if we said we didn't thrive on capturing priceless moments for you to cherish for the rest of your lives and for future generations to come. We know the memories we capture are priceless and we often tear up during life's special moments. It is beautiful to withness and capture these touching moments.


We would love to talk to you more about your special day and hear about your vision, you never know, we may just be the perfect match.


Thanks for checking us out!




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Looks like Jesus, 100% real life, no joke. Twinning. LOL

Dada to Harper & Rylee & Dog Dad

Favorite Movie: Outcold 

Favorite TV Shows: All the Star Wars, Game of Thrones. The Office, COPS



- Snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, wakesurfing, wakeboarding

-Sunrises and sunsets, hikes and being outdoors

- Grilling and Smoking ALL the meats.

-Playing guitar and other instruments and songwriting

- Craft IPA Beer & Sipping Whiskey, or on a hot day a Sling or Modelo

- Espresso and Lattes





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