The most common remark we get during couple/engagement sessions is "we are so awkward in front of the camera." Trust us, we know exactly what you're talking about, we have had professional photos taken of us plenty of times. It can take a little bit to get comfortable with your photographer and get into the groove. We try our hardest to help you relax so you both can enjoy your session because it is all about your love! We also love to tell a good joke or two!


One of the main reasons why we offer a free engagement session with almost all of our wedding packages is because we want that time to get to know you both as a couple before your big day. It helps us learn your personalities and you get to see our shooting style. It is a win, win.


To further help you out, we came up with 5 tips for awesome engagement photos. Enjoy!


1 -  The top question we get is what to wear 


This can be a hard one for us to answer because every couple is different. We truly believe that you should wear something that you’re comfortable in but also expresses your vibe. 


Country girl? Wear those boots you love so much.

Girly girl? Sundress it up with those heels.

The outdoorsy type? Let’s tie on those hiking boots and go on an adventure.


Your photos are yours, let’s capture your story! 




2 - Pick a location that speaks to you


This goes hand and hand with the above tip. Try not to put yourself in a little box, which means trying to be cool or pick an Instagram worthy location. Go with your heart.

Love your parent’s lake house? A really cool barn your family owns? The location you had your first date? A street you just love the feel of? These are the locations that have heart and it will gleam tremendously in your photos. 




3 - Making big changes before the big day


Your engagement photos are a big deal. They capture a huge milestone in your lives and you will cherish them forever. I know we do. We suggest not making any huge changes like coloring your hair a new color or getting that spray tan you think you need. Things happen and you don’t want to look back and see something you regret. Also, it takes time to feel your new look sometimes and you don’t want that to show in your photos, especially when you’re trying to conceal a bad spray tan or haircut. 




4 - Relax


Pinterest often makes you feel like you can’t compete and can give you a case of the nerves. Many of the posts on Pinterest, photography wise, are either styled shoots or posed. They are not natural in so many ways and they can set up unreal exceptions. It is our job as photographers to style a shot with every location decision based on the background and lighting. Try not to stress about getting that perfect shot and not enjoy your time. In return, your session will look better, we promise. Leave those expectations of model-worthy looks at home and enjoy your time, because we promise to get the best model-worthy looks that represent you as a couple and not someone else's looks/love. 




5 - Plan


We love when our couples suggest building a fire or having a picnic in the woods. We even love it when they bring some awesome trinkets with them. It could be a family heirloom, a cold beer, an awesome blanket or even a photo of your grandparents on their wedding day. A little special touch brings so much to a session!

Want a save the date? Bring an awesome sign with your wedding date on it or suggest a creative way to showcase yourself for a hip card. We have great ideas up our sleeves as well. Just ask!


We hope you enjoyed this post, check back for more tips :)